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This service will make your rack feel better than new, removing the bumping or knocking feeling/squeaking noises. The optional Plus Package increases steering response and road feedback.

The NA1 NSX has a different Torque Sensor with a plastic gear for steering input to the EPS Brain. Due to age, these gears will break giving erratic feedback to the steering. We replace these gears with precision CNC brass gears.

This is a service to your EPS Rack. When you send your rack, please make sure to protect the plastic connectors so they do not break during shipping. Please remove the inner tie-rod ends to make the box size smaller and shipping less expensive. Recommended box size: 36”x8”x8”.

Please select the Standard Package or Plus Package for the ultimate steering response. See Below.

EPS Repair Service, 1997-2005 NA2 NSX

  • This is an add-on to the NA1 and NA2 NSX EPS Service.  These precision machined Phosphor Bronze Bushings are a replacement to the end-bell bushing on the passenger side of the EPS.  The OEM bushing consists of a steel sleeve lined in a polymer bushing.  This polymer will breakdown with wear and the rack will develop a knock. 

    Our Plus Package Bushing is engineered to have high wear resistance and corrosion resistance and to provide 50% more support to the steering shaft for better steering response and road feedback.

    This is recommended for those who want the best performance out of there NSX, or high milage/preventative maintenance. 


  • Please check availibility before purchasing. We will send a known good rebuilt core to your preferred address. This will speed up the process and minimize the down time your car is in the shop. Send your rebuildable core back within 45 days. After we receive and inspect your core for functionality, we will return the core charge  ($1500).

    This option is not available if you have an EPS light failure and the system is not functioning. You will need to send your rack in for repair and testing. Please contact us for more information.

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