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Included in this service to your Manual steering rack: All wearables are replaced with OEM Honda parts, New Ball Bearings, precision machined Phosphor Bronze Bushing, full cleaning and new high performance grease.

The OEM bushing consists of a steel sleeve lined in a polymer bushing.  This polymer will breakdown with wear and the rack will develop a knock. 

Our Bushing is engineered to have high wear resistance and corrosion resistance for maximum performance.

This is a service to your EPS Rack. When you send your rack, please remove the inner tie-rod ends to make the box size smaller and shipping less expensive. Recommended box size: 36”x8”x8”.

See more info below.

Manual Steering Service, 1991-2005 NA1/NA2 NSX

  • Over the past several years of rebuilding EPS steering racks we have been overwhelmed with requests to service the manual steering rack.   The manual steering rack is preferred by many people for its light weight, precise steering response and feedback from the road.  The problem is the internal bushing designed by Honda.  

    From the factory, Honda installed the manual rack with a steel bushing and a polymer sleeve.  Over time the polymer breaks down causing play in the steering and can cause a knock sound.  This play in the steering will make you lose the positive feedback from the road.  

    We have designed and engineered a new bushing that is a complete replacement of the old bushing.  It is not only made of premium materials and precision machined, but also our improved design utilizes phosphor bronze bushings and are 50% longer than the original bushing giving you more mechanical support to the steering shaft, improved road feel, better steering response, increased wear resistance and corrosion resistance.   We also had to engineer and fabricate new tools and manufacturing processes for the press fit of the new design.  

    This is not the “Knock Bushing” that can be purchased overseas. Notice in the last picture, the “knock bushing” with the original bushing on top and our improved bushing on bottom. Our design is superior with 50% more support than original.

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