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A second batch of the long awaited quick ratio steering rack option will soon be available. This is a pre-sale for the Quick Ratio Rack and Pinion Upgrade manufactured by Quaife Engineering LTD. Quaife is an engineering company based in the UK best known for their gearboxes, differentials and quick ratio steering racks. This is an upgrade and replacement rack and pinion shaft set for your 1st Gen. NSX LHD manual steering rack (non-EPS).  ONLY 30 Pieces were made in the first batch and we are gathering interest for the second batch.  Purchase by pre-order and send me an email at if you have any questions.

See specs below.


Installation will be provided by us and included with this purchase.  Your rack will receive all of the perks listed in the Manual Steering Rack Repair Service (see more details in our Services Tab) including repairing play in the rack and removing “Knocking” in the steering making it feel better than new. In this service we replace the adjustment guide bushing, internal ball bearings and upgrade to our improved end bell bushing for better steering response and road feedback.  



Update 06/Mar/2023, I have requested a quote from Quaife for the next batch and we will begin the process.  Once the new order is placed it is estimated to take approximately 16 weeks to be produced and then sent here to the USA.  Price subject to change pending Quaife quote.

Quick Ratio for Manual Rack Pre-Sale!!

$1,475.00 Regular Price
$1,250.00Sale Price
Expected in 16-20 weeks from October 1, 2023.
  • OEM ratio is 18.2:1 (center) - 20.8:1 (end). New ratio will be 15.1:1.

    OEM lock to lock 3.25 turns, new is 2.51 turns.

    Effort increase is 20% in the center, about 35% at the ends. The OEM steering rack has a progressive ratio making it easier to turn in the center. This new replacement rack and pinion is a fixed ratio.

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