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Why Steering Services?

We specialize in rebuilding and repairing worn NSX Electronic Power Steering (EPS) and Manual Steering Racks for NA1 and NA2 Honda/Acura NSX in both LHD and RHD. All NSX EPS units will need our service due to miles driven. Over time the bushings inside will dry rot causing mechanical damage internally.

Our service will update the internals to oil impregnated bronze bushings that self-lubricate, inspect/replace worn or damaged ball bearings as needed, clean, lubricate, and adjust all internals for a better than new steering feel.

Custom machined replacement parts

Quick 3-5 day turn around

Specializing in repairing NSX steering racks for 12 years

Products and Services


Services Beyond Rack Repair

We are equipped to take in your car for minor to major repair services from oil changes to timing belts to full restoration. Contact us for more information.

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